Riverfest Parking Options

Berg Park

There is a large dirt lot available for Riverfest Parking at Berg Park with access from San Juan Blvd just east of Scott Ave.

Hotel Parking

If you’re staying at one of the hotels on Scott Ave, it’s easiest to use the hotel parking lot and walk to Berg Park for Riverfest.  However, if you are not a guest at the hotel, please do not use the hotel parking lots.

Animas Park

There is a dirt parking lot available for Riverfest parking near Animas Park with access to the Tractor Ride, which will take you to Rocky Reach Landing.  To access the parking lot, turn off Browning Pkwy at the traffic light in front of the Municipal Operations Center and follow the directions of the Parking attendants.

Farmington Museum & Gateway Park

The Farmington Museum has a paved parking lot with overflow dirt lots for parking.  Access from Main St just east of Browning Pkwy and use the Riverfest Express Free Shuttle Service to take you to Riverfest and back to the Museum afterwards.

Berg Park

Animas Park

Farmington Museum


Check the Schedule

While the river trails are beautiful to walk (and we encourage you to do so), it’s helpful to find parking or a shuttle stop that puts you closest to the area that interests you most.

Riverfest is absolutely packed full of things to do and see.  It’s also spread out over a pretty good walking distance between Berg Park and Animas Park.  When evaluating where you should park, it’s helpful to check the schedule for the location of the Riverfest features that interest you most.  River Reach Terrace is at Berg Park, closest to the Scott Ave hotels and Berg Park parking lot.  Rocky Reach Landing is in Animas Park, closer to the Animas Park parking lot.  The Rafting put-in is at the north side of Animas Park at the river.  All Veterans Memorial Plaza is closer to Berg Park and accessible from the Tucker Street shuttle stop.  Please allow time to find parking (lots fill up) and allow for shuttle travel so that you don’t miss your event.


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